Charitable Entities & Advocacy Groups

Worthy of Secular Progressive Support


We are living through a time in which authoritarian tendencies are on the rise in government. As Secular Progressives, we recognize that big money is on side of our political opponents. Yet, we are compelled to resist these authoritarian and oligarchical trends and trust that the cause of democracy is a just one. One way in which the power of the people can eventually bring about a more just and equitable society is for us to brandish our checkbooks and contribute to the causes that matter to us. As individuals, our contributions may seem modest. But together we can make a significant impact.


Below you will find a list of political concerns that are important to progressives, as well as philosophical concerns that carry weight for secularists. I encourage you to browse through the lists. Hopefully, you will find several charitable entities and advocacy groups that interest you personally that you feel are deserving of your support. Just click on the links, investigate them, and consider what you are willing to do. Personally speaking, I actually find it enjoyable! -- Gary M. Linscott


P.S.  Every penny you contribute will go directly to the entity you decide to support. Nothing accrues to the benefit of this website.

P.S.S. Entities below tagged with the initials CN have been rated by Charity Navigator. Four star or three star ratings indicate superb trustworthiness. Political entities, however, are not evaluated by charity rating services. Similarly, recently established charities – those having operated for fewer than seven years – are likewise unrated, even though they may be worthy organizations.  

Emergency & Disaster Relief


  • United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

       Coronavirus Emergency Appeal


  • United Nations World Food Program (WFP)


  • Feeding America  CN 4 Stars


  • International Rescue Committee   CN 4 Stars


  • Doctors Without Borders  CN 4 Stars

  • International Medical Corps  CN 3 Stars

  • American Red Cross  CN 3 Stars


  • Coronavirus Relief Resources

Recommended by Bernie Sanders



Civil Rights in U.S.


  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)  CN 4 Stars



  • Southern Poverty Law Center  CN 4 Stars

  • Demos   CN 3 Stars


Consumer Protections & Economic Policy Reform

•    Public Citizen  CN 3 Stars


  • Common Cause

Criminal Justice Reform

  • The Sentencing Project   CN 3 Stars


•    Drug Policy Alliance  CN 2 Stars  


•    Black Lives Matter


•   The Innocence Project


  • Campaign Zero Combating Police Violence                 

Death and Dying 

•    Death with Dignity National Center  CN 4 Stars



•    Final Exit Network

•    Hospice Foundation of America

•    MedCure 
      Body Donation to Support Medical Science

Environmentalism & Nature Conservation

•    Environmental Defense Fund   CN 4 Stars  

•    Friends of the Earth   CN 4 Stars




  • National Audubon Society  CN 4 Stars


•    GreenPeace Fund  CN 3 Stars  

•    The Nature Conservancy  CN 3 Stars  


  • African Wildlife Foundation (AFW)  CN 3 Stars                                                                      


  • Jane Goodall Institute (JGI)  CN 3 Stars   

Global Warming & Climate Change

• Battling Global Warming  CN 4 Stars

•    Union of Concerned Scientists   CN 4 Stars

•    US Climate Action Network

Gun Control

•  The Brady Campaign   CN 3 Stars

    United Against Gun Violence

•    Giffords

      Courage to Fight Gun Violence  

•    Newtown Action Alliance


Health Care Reform

•    California Nurses Association/
      National Nurses Organizing Committee

•    Families USA

•    Health Care for America NOW!

•    Medicare for All 

•    National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics 

      CN 3 Stars


Human Rights, International & U.S.

•    Doctors Without Borders   CN 4 Stars


  • Amnesty International   CN 3 Stars  


•    Human Rights Watch  CN 3 Stars


  • The Center for Victims of Torture  CN 3 Stars


Immigration Reform & Refugee Assimilation

•    International Rescue Committee  CN 4 Stars

•    Asylum Access   CN 3 Stars
      Making Human Rights a Reality for Refugees

•    RAICES   CN 3 Stars
      Refugee & Immigrant Center for Education & Legal Services 

•    Women's Refugee Commission 



•    KIND Kids in Need of Defense


  • Minority Humanitarian Foundation


  • Al Otro Lado

      Legal Services for Immigrants at the Mexican Border

Investigative and Public Watchdog Journalism

•    American Public Radio

•    Democracy Now!  

•    Hightower Lowdown

•    The Guardian

•    The Intercept

  • The Progressive (Magazine)


  • Public Broadcasting System (PBS)

  • Truthout 

Fearless, Independent News & Analysis

  • The Washington Spectator


  • Wikimedia (Wikipedia)  CN 4 Stars


Labor & Workers’ Rights

  • In These Times (Magazine)


  • United Farm Workers (UFW)


  • California Nurses Association/

National Nurses Organizing Committee (CNA/NNOC)


  • National Domestic Workers Alliance

  • Democracy at Work (d@w)

  • Texas Civil Rights Project  CN 4 Stars

Local Community Service (San Diego, CA)


  • Feeding America San Diego  CN 4 Stars


  • United Way of San Diego County  CN 3 Stars


  • San Diego Volunteer Services 


  • Minority Humanitarian Foundation

Minority Rights


  • Resist, Incorporated  CN 3 Stars


  • Human Rights Campaign  CN 3 Stars


  • Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders  CN 3 Stars 


  • Point Foundation   CN 3 Stars

The National LGBTQ Scholarship Fund


  • Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)


  • Voto Latino    CN 3 Stars


  • American Indian College Fund    CN 3 Stars


  • United Negro College Fund    CN 3 Stars


  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) 



ASian Americans & Pacific Islanders Rising & Empowering PAC.

Political Reform in the U.S.


  • Fair Vote   Advocating Ranked Voting   CN 4 Stars


  • People for the American Way Foundation  CN 3 Stars


  • Government Accountability Project  CN 3 Stars

Protecting Governmental Whistleblowers


  • Brennan Center for Justice    CN 4 Stars


  • Democratic Party


  • ActBlue


  • California Democratic Party


  • Democratic National Committee (DNC)


  • Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ((DSCC)


  • Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)


  • Democratic Governors Association


  • Democratic Socialists of America


  • End Citizens United


  • Fair Fight  Stacey Abrams against Voter Suppression


  • – Democracy In Action


  • Our Revolution  Bernie Sanders


  • Progressive Democrats of America


  • Progressive Turnout Project

Population Control & Reproductive Services Worldwide


  • International Planned Parenthood Federation/

Western Hemisphere Region    CN 4 Stars 


  • International Planned Parenthood Federation - Worldwide Inc.


  • Pathfinder International   CN 4 Stars


  • Population Connection (Formerly ZPG)   CN 4 Stars


  • Global Fund for Women    CN 3 Stars


  • Marie Stopes International

Poverty & Hunger, U.S. & Worldwide


  • United Nations Children’s Fund  (UNICEF)


  • Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE)


  • Partners in Health   CN 4 Stars  


  • The Carter Center  CN 4 Stars


  • Feeding America    CN 4 Stars


  • Feeding America San Diego    CN 4 Stars


  • ActionAid USA    CN 3 Stars


  • KIVA   CN 3 Stars 

Loans That Change Lives 


  • Oxfam America   CN 3 Stars 

The Power of People Against Poverty


  • Technoserve    CN 3 Stars

Business Solutions to Poverty 

  • FINCA - Pathways Out Of Poverty

Secularism: Skeptics, Atheists, Freethinkers & Humanists


  • Freedom From Religion Foundation  CN 4 Stars   


  • Center for Inquiry   CN 3 Stars 


  • Council for Secular Humanism   CN 3 Stars


  • Free Inquiry (Magazine)


  • Committee for Skeptical Inquiry


  • Skeptical Inquiry (Magazine)


  • American Atheists


  • American Humanist Association (AHA)


  • Americans United for Separation of Church & State


  • Freethought Society


  • Foundation Beyond Belief


  • Recovering from Religion


  • Secular Coalition for America  


  • Sunday Assembly of San Diego


  • Universalist Unitarian Church International Aid


Women’s Rights & Reproductive Health Care


  • Planned Parenthood Federation of America  CN 4 Stars

  • National


  • Gulf Coast   CN 3 Stars

  • Pacific Southwest


  • NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation  CN 4 Stars

National Abortion Rights Action League  


  • Guttmacher Institute    CN 4 Stars


  • MADRE    CN 4 Stars

Demanding Rights, Resources & Results for Women Worldwide


  • Center for Reproductive Rights    CN 4 Stars


  • Engender Health     CN 3 Stars  


  • National Organization for Women (NOW)

Voter Suppression


  • Demos     CN 3 Stars     

  • Fair Fight

Stacey Abrams against Voter Suppression


  • National Democratic Redistricting PAC  

Eric Holder & Barak Obama against Gerrymandering


ASian Americans & Pacific Islanders Rising & Empowering PAC.


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