Progressive Politics

Discovering Actions You Can Take To Promote Progressive Politics

This year marks an historic election in the United States, with a profusion of candidates facing off in the race for the presidency, for congressional seats, and for state and local offices. If you are interested in secularism and progressive politics, no doubt you are aware of the primaries and the upcoming general election, and may have even been following the intricacies of the campaigns in the news. Even though secular progressives may not align themselves entirely with the Democratic Party, they have – of necessity – fixed their hopes on the outcomes of the Democratic candidates’ 2020 election.

You may be looking to galvanize support behind a particular candidate or get involved in any number of progressive causes. In that case, you’re going to want to spend some time here at the Secular Progressive Outreach website. We offer a variety of useful resources here for secular progressives, but if you’re interested in progressive politics we suggest you give special attention to our webpage on political action. There we feature many worthy progressive candidates who could use your help to either get elected or to stay in office.

This page also describes the characteristics of the US political system, and outlines how progressives can best work within it. If you want to take action beyond merely casting your vote, there’s plenty to read on this website. If you’re looking to start getting more involved in what remains of the 2020 election, Secular Progressive Outreach is a great place for you to begin. Whether you’re looking to slow the onslaught of global warming and a climate disaster, or want to reform our justice system, this website will provide you with invaluable suggestions for where to start.

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