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An Easy Way To Find Progressive And Secular Charities

For many secular progressives, direct action may seem to be the most effective way to achieve real change – in addition to voting, of course. For those who don’t necessarily have the ability or opportunity to participate directly, however, they can still contribute to these movements -- financially. If this is your preference, though, you may still wonder which secular charities would be most capable of effecting the changes you wish to see, whether in the nation or the world. 

Fortunately, Secular Progressive Outreach is here to help. We keep a frequently-updated list of charitable entities and advocacy groups worthy of secular progressive support. Our sizable list is separated into many different categories, allowing you to browse through it to find the causes that are most important to you or your family. We evaluate these entities to the best of our ability for reliability and trustworthiness so you can be confident your money will be put to good use. 

We do not solicit money for ourselves, nor do we get a cent from the organizations we recommend. Not a penny will accrue to the financial benefit of this website. One hundred percent of your donations will go to the entities you choose to support.

Our primary mission is to be a practical resource for secular progressive Americans. Here you’ll find an abundance of information that can direct you toward valuable resources and allies. By means of Secular Progressive Outreach, you and your fellow secularists can empower secularist organizations in America. Together, we can strengthen the secularist movement, rooted as it is in logic, reason, and an appreciation for the sciences. We can fight against the tribalism based on religious and nationalistic pride that is threatening to envelop humanity. We urge you to bookmark this site today to get easy access to helpful secular charities, and much more.

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