Secularism in America

Create Well-Being In The World By Means of Secular Activism

If you consider yourself to be a secular progressive, you may justifiably feel overwhelmed by the challenges that face our country today. You may be searching for a forum where you can discuss these perils and discover ways to respond appropriately. By uniting our efforts, progressives can become a force for tremendous good in the world today. Here at Secular Progressive Outreach, we’d be delighted to offer you some ideas about how to participate effectively in secular activism.

Many people today are drawn to secularism in America due to their dissatisfaction with the religious or political systems in which they were raised. This website is here to serve as a useful source of information, to compile scientifically sound and forward-thinking answers to some of our society’s most pressing questions. When people with thoughtful, rational minds use this website as a gathering place, we will be able to create together a more just and collaborative society in which to live. 

This website offers resources and opportunities to those wanting to participate in effective political action. To guide you in the decision-making process, it identifies deserving progressive candidates, provides direct links to their campaigns, and lists political advocacy groups worthy of financial support. It can also direct you to charitable organizations with secular and progressive objectives. 

So if you find America’s current social circumstances disconcerting, you don’t have to simply sit back and accept them. With guidance from Secular Progressive Outreach, you can effect change through secular activism, and make an impact on the world, no matter your age or financial status.